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Last Updated: 09/17/2010

Seller's Permission

Even though this is still a small community, we do require anyone who wants to sell to apply for permission to do so.

Here are some things to think about before applying...

How long have I been a member? - We are not a dumping grounds for sale ads. If you just joined or have a journal filled with nothing but sale ads and such, you wont get permission to sell here. Just become a community member... hang around, talk with people here. Show off your collection.

Do I have Feedback anywhere else? - Ebay, Etsy, or even from selling on other journals (like LJ). This can really help with with your application.

My parents wont let me use their paypal/I'm to young for a paypal - pkmncollectors does not hate young people, lets just get this out of the way. Its just that selling and being responsible when selling and shipping can be a big responsibility because people are giving hard earned money to you and are trusting you to ship them their items in the described condition you sold it to them. If you can't get a paypal account or your parents wont let you use their account.. then your parents probably do not want you selling online anyways.
Student Paypal Accounts - I know that there are these types of accounts, they are still okay ;)

I understand everything! I want to sign up for permission!

Simply PM [personal profile] raichu with this small form:

When did you join the community?:
Do you have any outside feedback you can show?:

Once you've sent it, please wait a few days for a response. I generally try to answer as soon as I get notification of a PM, but things can get in the way.

Once you have Seller's Permission, it is binding! You do not have to ask for it every time you want to post a sale's post!

and on that note... You can receive Seller's Permission... and you can also have it stripped should you continue to prove to be a poor seller!

Seller's Tip:

Create a Feedback Thread for yourself on the Member Feedback post! Having feedback here on the community can be a real big help!

Please note that if you make unauthorized Sales posts (not having seller's permission), those posts will be deleted without notice or warning. If you repost multiple times and ignore rules. You will be denied flat out seller's permission if you apply and a close, very close eye kept on you. - Don't do it.


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