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I just got my box from Treasure-Japan and I now have STUFF!

all pictures under a cut because they don't quite fall into the 400x400 limit

Oh mai... Psyduck, you look confused..

Clears and people in the smaller bag ontop and the bulk in the bag on bottom...

Zukan I wont be keeping~ the spirits are so tiny... tiny tiny!

so what did I keep out of the big bag of kids?

Surge's Raichu, Clear Raichu, and Raikou behind everyone~

and what I kept didn't even dent the numbers of the bag 'o kids.. oh mai.

I'm also thinking once I do move I'll be picking myself up one of those glass cases from Ikea for my kids, zukans, and other figures... the amount of dust on the lions and other zukans are horrible for just being there for a week ;-; gross..

anyways! For those wondering about Treasure-Japan and thinking about using them... I'd suggest them. You do pay half of your max bid as a deposit and when they get to their office (or whatever) they submit your bid on the auction you want (You can also leave a message saying you'd like for them to put a bid at the last 6 or so minutes). So it isn't an autobid like what you'd get with Crescent (Now Noppin! or SMJ) they can take a little long to get you your invoice for all your stuff... but they're good!

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