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Last Updated: 09/17/2010

Guide to being a Good Member in the Community!

- Excessive or pointless posts. It is understandable that you make be very excited over multiple finds or have multiple questions, but we ask you to keep all that in one post. We also ask that you keep your posts relating to collecting, pokemon merchandise, and the like.
General rule for this is wait till your last post Falls off the first page, or 24 hours after you first posted. Right now due to the small size of the comm, the 24 hour wait is more expected.

- We understand that personal life problems/dramas and such get in the way, but those types of posts are better suited for your own journal. This is a community about toys.

- Found an auction you have a question on? Or seeing if there is any GA/GB interest on it? LOCK IT! Keep it to where only the community can see it! Also keep in mind that if you post the url, anyone in the comm can see it and can also bid on it. If you want, you can simply link the photo (please don't hot link though!) and post.

- Photographs... we ask you that you keep only ONE (1) photo outside of a cut and keep it to 400px X 400px.

- Fonts - Please leave them as their plane jane format. We'd like to be able to see what your writing, not be blinded by size 2 font in bright neon pink!

- When commenting, please no begging/whining/guilt tripping! So someone bought an item just before you, it'll pop up again at a later date, and who knows, could be cheaper then what they paid! If a GB/GA starts for a lot of items you were after, don't guilt trip the runner because you were eyeing it. Join in or continue your watching and bidding on it.

- No commenting complaining on things being to expensive! People can list items at whatever they want. They'll adjust when they see fit. Also please no "I wish I had the money.." comments... while it may be nice hearing interest in the item(s) the seller has.. it is an unhelpful comment.

- Polite and Friendly! We don't ask for you to puke rainbows and fart tea parties, but we don't want to be seen as a troll house. We don't want any drama or anything of the sort on this comm.

- Artwork - It is wonderful that you draw and such.. but we are not an art community. Please avoid posting artwork as a main focus.

Community/Merchandise TERMS

Some of these words can be confusing, or you simply don't know what they stand for. No worries!

This list will be continually added to~

GB - Group Buy. A group of people (two or more) join together to pool money to BIN an auction that has more then one item.

GA - Group Auction. A Group of people (two or more) join together to pool money (VIA auction style amongst themselves) to raise enough (or more) to place a bid on an auction

BIN - Buy it Now

y!j Auctions/ Y!J Auctions - Yahoo! Japan Auctions. We're you'll probably be getting most of your items ;)

Deputy Service - A Middle man/company. You sign up, give a deposit, and you can now bid or buy from auctions and webstores.


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