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Last Updated: 09/17/2010

Buying Guidelines

- If you inquire on an item, for shipping or what not, PLEASE tell the seller if you are still interested or not! Nothing is more annoying then to wait on someone to get back to you on an item your selling, only for them to go "LOLNO" a week later. Not only is it annoying, it shows poor manners!.

- Never send payments as GIFT! Paypal can lock and shut down BOTH your account and the seller's account should they find out that was a payment for something you bought!

- Backing out of sales/Auctions/Group Buys/deleting Bids - DO NOT DO THIS! This can be a banable offense! Just don't do it!

- KEEP TRACK OF YOUR MONEY! No "Who do I owe money to?" posts. You are old enough to have paypal account, which means you are old enough to be in charge of your own finances!

- Feedbacks. While it is a Good idea to have feedback, please do not make a post asking people that sold to you, bought from you, traded, etc to leave you feedback. Simply PM them and ask.

Selling Guidelines

- Please don't use the comm as your dumping grounds for sales! Become part of the community! Hang around some before applying for seller's permission and selling.. Show off your collection.. just be part of the comm.

- Please keep all proof of having shipped your package(s). Should something happen or shipping was delayed, receipts can help!

- Paypal fees... this can get accounts in trouble, so simply call it Shipping and Handling or packaging fees or something like that.

- Buyers have up to 45 days to receive their item(s) from sellers before they are advised to open a dispute. If you can not give a reasonable explanation to why (shipment delayed, item not as described, refusing to refund, etc), sales permission could be revoked.

- Please only post your sells once every Two Weeks. The time will lessen to once every week when the comm gets larger, but for now, two weeks.

- You need to obtain Seller's Permission to sell.

Please Remember! Even though PkmnCollectors allows the practices of selling, trading, and buying.. The community nor the owner can help should anything bad happen (seller delaying shipping, running off with money, etc etc). It is up to you if you wish to buy from someone or to initiate trades.
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