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So I'm updating on the status of the Postal Regulations that would limit packages over 16oz/1lb from being sent to the US (from anywhere I'm guessing, but with Japan being the megaload for Pokemans... yeah)

Apparently the regulations have been lifted? Meaning we can have out huuge boxes from Treasure-Japan and other smaller shops and such be sent to us now.

I'm trying to find a webpage that says it or someone's translation but until then... just take this with a grain of salt okay?


I was thinking of maybe holding a small contest for the community? to maybe get a little activity in here? I can't afford any pokemon items as a prize but maybe a 6 month paid account subscription for the winner? lemme know if you like the idea of a contest or have any suggestions...?


I am SOOOO late on this one! Sorry!

Three new Pokedolls! )
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After November 17th, Japan Post will no longer ship packages over 16oz. to the United States until further notice.

The list of affected shipping methods:

航空通常郵便物 (normal Air Mail)
航空小包郵便物 (Air Mail parcel)
SAL通常郵便物 (SAL normal mail)
SAL小包郵便物 (SAL parcel)
国際スピード郵便物 (EMS)

basically everything.

It sucks! Hopefully United States and United State Territory people can find middlemen to help get them things from Japan.


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